The muscletruffle® story

Delicious snacks often come with a hefty dose of guilt—particularly when they are made of chocolate. But what if that delicious chocolate truffle came with quality whole food ingredients and superfoods? muscletruffle® is all about deliciousness, transparency, and health. We at muscletruffle® love chocolate truffles but we wanted to create a truffle that does not just satisfy our taste buds but is also good for our bodies.

That’s how we started making delicious chocolate truffles with superfoods of the highest quality, with all the goodness that nature has to offer, and nothing else. Truffles that are not just filled with protein but contain superfoods and are a source of energy, antioxidants, fibers, essential vitamins like D2 and E, and immune boosting zinc —and we wanted all this from pure and natural ingredients.

Our muscletruffles® are made with love in the City of Angels, California and we couldn’t be more excited to share muscletruffle® not just with our friends and families but with you as well!

Let us enjoy the deliciousness of life with no regrets.

muscletruffle® is a caring muscle

Our goal at muscletruffle® is to make the world healthier and happier through deliciousness and superfoods.

However, not everybody is fortunate enough to have the chance to live a healthy and happy life. The streets of our cities attract abandoned and homeless youth from across the country looking for a chance. We at muscletruffle® want to be a caring muscle that helps lifting them off the streets. That’s why a significant fraction of our sales go directly to vital programs that help homeless youth to get healthy & happy again.

We thank you for being that caring muscle by supporting muscletruffle® and our mission! Let us make the world a better place and enjoy life with every bite.

muscletruffle is a caring muscle
The Muscletruffle Team