That’s Inside

  • Quality.

  • Nature.

  • Superfoods.

  • Cacao, not Cocoa.

  • Protein.

  • Energy.

  • Love.

Although we are not claiming that we are a health product, we believe that food should be consumed as nature intended, delicious without compromising nutrition. Hence, you can take our word that muscletruffle® unites the best of both worlds in one amazing experience. An experience that we enjoy every day and want to share with you.

Only the Good Stuff

Look at all these yummy ingredients.

  • Ingredients pomegranate
  • Ingredient dates
  • Ingredient goji berries
  • Ingredient egg white
  • ingredients vanilla bean
  • Ingredient Hazelnuts

That’s a “No No”

  • No Added Sugars.

  • No Artificial Colors.

  • No Artificial Flavors.

  • No Preservatives.

  • No Dairy.

  • No Soy.

  • No Gluten.

To consciously choose what to not put in your body is just as important as to know what you put in.